Marketing Technique Training


When it comes to marketing today, there are so many changes that you can either have Mardy speak on the broad stroke or have her get down to the details. You decide and she will help you craft the workshop or seminar that best suits you and your audience. She is available for 60 - 90 - 120 minute sessions or half day and full day workshops. If you would like to create a multi-day camp to be sure to cover all the options and have hands on training, well she can work with that too! Mardy has many trusted experts that she works with that together can deliver a full day or multi-day marketing boot-camp. Below are some ideas and topics to help you decide.

  • Finding and Nurturing Leads Using Social Media

  • Outbound Marketing: Using Email and E-zines To Keep Your Customers and Get New Business

  • Mastering Linkedin - Discover the Power of Professional Networking

  • Twitter and Facebook For Business and Not-for-Profits

  • Putting Your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in OverDrive With Social Media

  • Social Meda - From Policy and Strategy To Implementing For Success

  • The Power of Email Marketing (ConstantContact)

  • Social Media Made Simple (ConstantContact)

  • Improving Your Website's Search Results - What Effects Your Rankings Today

  • Buying and Managing Your Website Project: What You Don't Know Will Cost You!

  • Generating Leads From Your Website: What's Missing and Holding You Back On Your Site

  • Content is King: Creating and Sharing Content That Wins Business

  • Branding: Beyond the Logo - Positioning and Promoting Your Brand

  • Blogging For Business: Driving Prospects To Your Website

  • (Motivation and Inspiration) When The World Delivers You Drama, How To Emerge as QUEEN

  • (Motivation and Inspiration) Pets Make Us Better People, Better People Make a Better World